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We invite you to contact us, but would like to point out that due to lack of time we do not answer further questions concerning our regular training (e. g. about our prices, or about personal suitability) by email or telephone, but only directly at the end of a completed free trial session (which itself does not require an advance reservation via this contact form). Further information via email or telephone are restricted to our special offers (private classes, kids and vouchers).

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By the way: The word TENDO in our training group’s name means “Way of Change”, which comes from the characters TEN (Japanese. 転) for change and DO (Japanese. 道) for journey. Our grandmaster, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi wrote in 1983 that TENDO refers to the ability “to follow the flow of things” and is a main competence on the “path of a warrior”. In Japan in 2006, the then 74-year-old grandmaster wrote TENDO in calligraphy for our head instructor, Philip Dao. A small version of this can be seen in the right column and on our training clothes. The ability to adapt to the inevitable today also reminds us of the necessity of adjusting our lifestyle to our environment if we humans want to survive on this planet, considering its limited resources.