Taking part in our training requires no previous knowledge whatsoever. The practical methods are close-to-reality, easily applied, and effective, making them suitable for people of almost every constitution.

Interested parties are more than welcome to come and try a training session for free and without obligation; trial sessions are offered once per week (except on public holidays):

✦ Mondays, 07.20 to 09.30 p.m.

Place of the training is the Aikido Dojo, Hasenheide 9, 10967 Berlin, 2nd yard, far rear left, staircase 2 behind the freight elevator, 5th floor accessible via the staircase, near U7 and U8 Hermannplatz [Google-Maps].

You should bring long sweatpants, a clean t-shirt and clean socks. The minimum age is 16 years. It is not necessary to make a reservation in advance. At the end of the trial session we gladly explain all unresolved questions.

Our classes are held in German, but every instructor will be happy to answer specific questions in English. Also, almost every training partner speaks english fluently, we even have several native english speakers amongst the students.

To not to impair the concentration and privacy of our students, any audience during our training is not welcome. Therefore we ask for your understanding!

After joining, we offer beginners qualified lessons on two evenings per week in different locations near Hermannplatz in Berlin:

✦ Mondays, 07.30 to 09.30 p.m.

✦ Wednesdays, 07.30 to 09.15 p.m.

✦ Saturdays, 03.30 to 05.00 p.m.

Advanced learners can enjoy an additional training sessions per week, where we concentrate on a higher training level:

✦ Saturdays, 05.15 to 06.30 p.m.

Our lessons take place throughout the whole year, including during school holidays; public holidays are the only exception.

If you are unable to take part in regular training sessions, besides seminars we also offer individual personal training – alone or for small groups, also in English if you wish.

At request we gladly issue a gift voucher for a friend or family member comprising the latter form of training, the private training (on the occasion of a birthday or the like).

Visits by Bujinkan members from other groups are principally welcome; just send us a short notice (including your teacher and rank) to get the exact training location.